April, 25, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Shaley Figglehorn

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! In this amazing, fantastical, cool jewel, piece of work you will learn about the smartest-of-all-smartphones.  In this report you will read about production.  For example, why people buy it. Next, you will read about the future for smartphones, like if smartphones are taking over our lives.  Finally, you will read about interesting facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know how much time a human spends on a smartphone a day.


        i. Phone. 6. It will be all that. it will be skinnier! It will be a larger screen! It will also be a sapphire crystal screen! (ooh! aah!) It will be faster and more efficient! It will be all that! Everyone will want it! Apple is doing really well! That is the iPhone 6 and how it will be better!


        The future for Apple is really bright! The iPhone 5s is a good size. The first iPhone 6 will be bigger. The second iPhone 6 will be even bigger! Then, of course, there are the iPads. It will be exciting!  There is a very bright future for Apple!

        Interesting Facts

        There are some wicked cool facts about how much time we spend on our smartphones a day! According to Erica Swallow, almost half of teenagers own smartphones. That is a lot of teenagers, smartphones, and money! 37% and 60%. Guess which one is teenagers and adults are addicted to their smartphones. That’s right, 60% of teenagers are addicted to their smartphones. That is NOT good. We use smartphones more than we think we do. That is a wicked cool fact!

        You may wonder how smartphones are like other tech items. According to Alex Magdaleno, your smartphone can be used for virtual reality. You put it in and see a different world! The AltraGaze is a big competition against Oculus. They both are companies for putting your smartphone in a VR machine. That is so cool! That is how smartphones are like other tech items.

        Smartphones and flip-phones are different. The smartphone is smarter (obviously). A flip-phone is used by keys. Smartphones, on the other hand are used by hand. Smartphones are able to get a lot of apps. Flip-phones don’t have as many apps available. I think that that is cool that they can both be phones but one is better! That is how smartphones and flip-phones are different!


        Smartphones are not good. They have taken over lives. It is good to have a time limit on smartphones. Children spend a lot of time on them. I think that they should be entertained. I’m not saying that adults should spend all their time and money on their children but they should give them ideas. That is why smartphones are not good.

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3 March, 2014.