April 25,2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

3D Printers!

by: Andre Tracy

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WAIT WHAT, 3D PRINTERS!!!!  In this report you will read about Printing ANYTHING.  For example, you can print a metal gun. Next, you will read about 3D printing pens, like just drawing something will become 3d as in you can touch it!  Finally, you will read about Who made the 3d printer. I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can print a 3d printer inside a 3d printer.

You can Print ANYTHING!

        WOW thats Cool YOU CAN PRINT A GUN!. According to CNN, you can print metal guns and fire them without having it break! The first 3d printed gun was made in texas,it was only shot at the range of 30 ft with a little amount of bull's-eyes. I found this so interesting because i never knew you could ever print a gun! Out of all the things they maked a metal gun.

3D printing pens!

        3D PENS??!!. According to http://the3doodler.com/, you can print anything with a pen. you can just draw and it will become 3d like you can touch it. heres a picture. Look how amazing that looks like thats how it would feel.. AMAZING!!!


this paragraph is about Who made the 3d printer. According tohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_printing , Chuck Hull made the 3d printer. He made the 3d printer in 1984. At the time the 3d printers were worth 2.2 million dollers. That is a ton of money but it is for a good cause.

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