4, 28,14

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Virtual Reality

by The monster that hides under your bed

        Do you want to fly like Superman? Now you can! Virtual reality can.  In this report you will read about the history about virtual reality.  For example, the first one made was created by the military. Next, you will read about how it can help people, like it helps the disabled walk and move around.  Finally, you will read about what things can be used with it. I’ll bet you didn’t know teenagers in collage are smart enough to make one.

Helping people

        Helping disabled people walk is really interesting . According to Israel 21, Disabled people can move around like a real person. In about 1 year disabled kids can walk. It’s really cool because disabled people basically get a second life.


        Virtual reality can help people stop taking drugs. According to ABC, when you want to take it you can go into virtual reality and get the feeling out of your system. It’s pretty funny because they just don’t want people to smoke in virtual reality. It cool because they could get over taking drugs.

        Virtual reality can help a man or women get ready to do something. Virtual reality, People have to get ready to to scary things. With virtual reality you can do it so you will be prepared. It’s awesome because you can do it without doing it. It is basically having a dream.

Virtual reality can do more things. It can help parents to get ready to be a mom or dad. Growing leaders say, It helps them feed the baby and take care. It also can help with life or death things. They can save their child from dangerous things, like drowning, car crash, fire, shooter, and medical things. It is very strong.

Virtual reality can help with getting ready for war. According to the Washington report, It gets them the courage to go out and serve. They get to get ready for war without going to war yet. It is really cool because they can work up the courage to do it.

Virtual reality can also help kids have fun that have no legs or arms or broken. According to links, It can place them in a real world so they can have a good life. It is cool because they get to have a good life when they can’t.