April 28, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Home Automation

by Asherface

        We all hate it when we leave on vacation, and nobody can remember if the house was actually locked. Instead of stressing about it, or bugging a neighbor about it, we can now just go on our smartphones and tap a button to automatically lock it for us! It’s amazing! Keep reading to learn more about this amazing thing that lets us do this. It’s called home automation.  You will learn the basics of it, like how it has improved and what it actually is. I will teach you some things about using home automation, like what remotes you can use.  You’ll also learn about some things that you might not have even thought of!. I’ll bet you didn’t know that lighting control can cost anywhere from $4 to $1,300!

The Basics

        What the heck is home automation? About.com says that home automation is simply technology that makes everyday tasks easier, safer, and less expensive. You can dim the lights for a movie without getting up, your can make your house safer with cameras and motion sensors, find a pipe leak before it gets serious, and much, much more! Who would have thought, a hundred  years ago, that we could have robots doing so much for us!

        Home automation has improved TONS over time. Safewise.com teaches about the history.They say that home automation was only in large and expensive homes and in large stores/commercial buildings. They usually only had lighting, heating, and cooling systems, and sometimes you had to be in a certain control spot in the building to actually make it work. Now, we have WAY more stuff that home automation can do for us, and we can be ANYWHERE in the world to make it work. It would be more inconvenient to have to go to one certain spot, instead of being able to tap a button wherever you are! It has improved by FAR!

Using Home Automation


What if you don’t have a smartphone to use as a remote? Never fear, there are like a billion different things you can use instead!  On Control4.com you learn that you can choose what kind of remote you use. You can use a TV remote, smartphones, tablet, touch screens, or just a computer with access to the internet. There are so many choices, and YOU get to choose the best one for you and YOUR house!

What if we could control the TV with a simple flick of the wrist? You CAN! On Mashable.com, it talks about PointGrab’s AirTouch technology. This technology has a system for the TV, where you use simple gestures of your hands, instead of using a remote. You can mute your TV by simply putting a finger to your lips, or write a number in the air to change the channel. PointGrab has a camera in the TV that can sense what movements you make! No more looking for the remote!

Interesting Facts

        Home automation is only for rich people, right? Wrong. At smarthome.com, you can buy lighting control anywhere from $4 to $1,300. There are so many different things you could buy for home automation, such as lighting control, timers, security, camera’s, speakers, thermostats, pest control, and much, much more! Who knew there were so many different kinds of home automation!

        This paragraph is about DoorBot. According to Mashable.com, you can answer door at home, even when you are thousands of miles away!  All you need to do is install DoorBot with four screws, and download the free app on your smartphone. When someone rings your fancy doorbell, your smartphone will get an alert. If you choose to answer it, you can talk with whoever is at the door, with the help of DoorBot’s microphone. They can’t see you, but you can see them through the camera. Or, you can just choose not to answer the door, and they’ll never know if you’re home or not! Just stick in four AA battteries, and DoorBot will live for a few more months.

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