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2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by rafikiiiii

        ATTENTION PEOPLE.  This report is about smartphonessss.  In this report you will read about different kinds of smartphones.  For example, you will learn about the most recommended smartphones. Next, you will read about you will learn about the most expensive smartphone., like the Samsung Galaxy S5.  Finally, you will read aboutthe biggest smartphone. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the biggest smartphone is 7 inches.

different kinds of smartphones

        This paragraph is about the most recommended smartphone. Mark Spoonaure says, the top smartphone of 2013 is the Samsung Galaxy S5. It has a built in finger scanner, it has a super fast camera built with HDR for clear pictures, and is waterproof. I think that is really cool because people can’t get into your phone without you being there and opening it for them.


        This paragraph is about the most expensive smartphone. According to Naina Khedekar, the most expensive smartphone is a $15 million dollar iphone with a rare black diamond on it. It is solid gold and weighs 26 cts. i think this is awesome casue i want that

        This paragraph is about the largest smartphone. According tofindthebestsmartphone.com, the largest smartphone is Icemobile G2. Its screen is 7 inches. i think that is cool cause it is so big.


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