2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by firelee

        This report is about smartphones.  In this report you will read about how it all began.  For example, who invented the smartphone, when was it invented, etc. Next, you will read about what smartphones you can buy, like the new iPhone 5c.  Finally, you will read about the future of smartphones. I’ll bet you didn’t know the iPhone 6 will be coming out in September or October of 2014!

how it all began

        This paragraph is about inventing the smartphone. According to itlog.net, In 1992 the first smartphone was invented by IBM in 1992. It was called the IBM Simon. The IBM Simon was able to send out emails! I think that this is cool because in 1992, they didn’t have lots of electronics. Now we have tiny little phones that can do lots of things and they had a huge phone that could send out emails.

        This paragraph is about how much the first smartphone cost. According to wikipedia, the first smartphone cost $299 dollars. That is pretty good for phones now days. I think this is interesting because back then that was pretty expensive but now, it is a decent price. Lots of iPhones are from $199-$849 dollars. From $199-$300 is an ok price. My brother got his smartphone for $100 dollars! I think that is a good price, but from $400-$849 that is SUPER expensive.

        This paragraph is about who invented the touch screen. According to Mary Bellis, E.A Johnson invented the touch screen. It was invented in about 1965-1967. This is interesting to me because the first smartphone was invented in 1992, but the touch screen was invented about 30 years earlier!


        This paragraph is about the number 1 app on the app store. According to Matt Petronzio, The number one app is facebook. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me! I know lots of people who have a facebook. About 86.1 million people own facebook. I think that this is cool because thats tons of people who have this app.

        This paragraph is about the most expensive smartphone. According to Nick,  The most expensive smartphone costs over 16.5 million dollars. It is an iPHone 5 Black Diamond edition. The reason this is so expensive, is because the home button is replaced with a 26 carat black deep cut diamond. This is only one of the many gems and diamonds on this phone. This is really cool because people would really pay millions of dollars.

        This paragraph is about the best smartphones. According to Mark Spoonauer, the best overall smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy. It has a fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor! The best smartphone for apps and camera is the iPHone 5s. Finally, the best smartphone design and sound. This is interesting because I have seen more people with iPhones other than the Samsung Galaxy yet, the Samsung Galaxy is best overall

the future of smartphones

        This paragraph is about future smartphones. According to Stewart Wolpin, the passcodes on phones are going to be your eyes or your voice. They are also going to have your fingerprint as a passcode as well. It is crazy how far technology has come!!


This paragraph is about how they have improved. According to debate.org, the hardware and software have changed SO much. I would agree with them! They say that hardware has had its up and downs with its improvement.

        This paragraph is about the smartphone revolution. According to ozgur, the first smartphone was invented in 1992. In 1996, Nokia launched smartphones. In 2000 Ericcson devoloped the R380. In 2002 Blackberry came out. Apple’s iPhone was introduced with the app store in 2007. Now more bigger and better smartphones are coming out!

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