may,22 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

The drones are Coming

by Unidude

DRONE STRIKE! GET DOWN.  This report is about the power of  drones.  In this report you will read about  what drones will do and an do.  For example, if drones will be used for delivering pizzas or saving lives? Next, you will read about how they are used, like who has lethal drones.  Finally, you will read about the problems that drones cause. I’ll bet you didn’t know 3-5 drone strikes are carried out in afghanistan a for every day of the year.

 what will drones be used for: saving people or delivering pizza? Fox news says, drones are going to become a big part of our future. In about a year or so drones will be buzzing overhead.  A few companies such as dominoes pizza and amazon will use drones to deliver products faster. Amazon prime says that drones will deliver their product in 30 minutes. Good news that is extremely fast. Bad news people will be fired because delivering product could be their job. So celibate but mourn what drones could do..

        Question of the day; how drones are used. According to the international business times many countries own military drones. But some them are non-lethal unlike others.Italy germany and the united states are just  a few who own the dangerous type. many countries have drones but only some know how to use them, but luckily the big melting pot has protection from drones.

        Can a drone know where to land on a residence. A drone lets say from amazon air is delivering a package to a house. It doesn't know where to land. By the door or on the roof. Amazon air had a idea to have the consumer type in where to have the drone land. But overall  the biggest thing is that the buyer can get the package.  

        what does the drone do to the human race negative wise. The Bureau of investigative journalism says, many people are suffering from drone air strikes especially in afghanistan. uk and us are the only countries to operate armed drones in the conflict. surprisingly 1000 drone strikes have gone on in the last year. that is like 3-5 drone strikes a day.

        The safety factor is a reason that drones are not a everyday thing. Drones could fail and come plummeting down risking lives. Mashable agrees that drones would need to find a safe place to land before failure. People think that drone will have its own traffic system. Once safety  issues are addressed drones will be one step closer to take off.

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