May 22, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

3d Printing

by Printed face man

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        OH NO I broke my pen! That is the only writing device I have and I have to finish my home work today!  This is report will tell you how to fix that problem.  In this report you will read about how 3-d printers print.  For example, some use plastic or sand(to glass.  Then, you will read about Stuff printed. I’ll bet you didn’t know people will send a 3d printer to the moon and print stuff out of moon dust.


        This is how 3D printers print. National Geographic shows, a 3d printer can use powder or layers to print solid usable things. Now think that you are a tool repairman and you need to fix this electrical power box,but you don’t have the right tool but you have a 3D Printer in the back of your van. All you have to do is get the right blueprints and print it. That is supercool so if you don’t have this certained tool you can print it and it can work. Link to video

        This is how to program a 3D Printer. Petchkovsky, Greg shows, You can edit 3 dimensional pictures and print something to fit it(click on this link . I think this is super awesome because if one of your toys broke or something plastic you can make a perfect piece to fix it.

        Cool stuff made

        This is about how 3D printers can provide hospital help . According to Stratasys Ltd shows, You can print implants to fit your body perfect. Like if someones leg muscle gets damaged you can print a implant to fit the gap . That is is super cool,because you can look normal again after a major injury.


Stuff Printed Pictures

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