May 12

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Can You Print Gummy Bears?

By: Jenna Oswald

        Do you wonder if you can Print a gummy bear,  a guitar, and shoe? Well in 1984 the 3-D printer was created by, Chuck Hull.  In this report you will learn about 3D printers, what they do, and some characteristics. ENJOY!


        So, in 1984, the amazing 3D printer was made. It has helped many people in making 3 dimensional objects. You can make so many thing that you never thought could be made. Some things made out of 3D printers are impossible to be made by hand. So 3D printers have helped a lot in making strange things. 3D printers let out a metal, plastic, or packed down powder like a frosting tube. It makes the 3 dimensional object layer by layer, so you can make moving parts.

        When you use a 3D printer you design what you want to make on the computer. You can make colors, moving parts and many other cool things. After, you send it the the printer and in up to 8 min. or a day, you have your objects.



        3D printers can make so many things. They can make things to help humans. They have made legs and arms and hands for humans without any. They can make clothing, and shoes. They made jewelry that is IMPOSSIBLE to make by hand. You can make things that are just pointless. They have also made phone cases. They  can make guitars, but all you need to do it put the strings on. One AMAZING thing they did with 3D printing was that they made a car. It is amazing what 3D printing can do.



        3D printers can also make legos. Instead of getting mad on losing an important piece, you can just print another one. 3D printing is so amazing, according to they made a new tipe of kleets where it has good tread but dosnt slow you down.

        They can also make 3D printed FOOD. They can make pizza, chocolate, burgers, and many more. You can design any type you want. They have also made a 3D printed car. According to NBC news they made a 3D printed car that will be on the road soon.



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