April 28,2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


By: Tyrone Johnson

You need to get a package today, and you ordered it today. The amazon drone can ship your package in 30 min or less. You will learn about drones, what they can do, and some interesting facts. I hope you will enjoy this report on  Drones!!!!!!!!!!



Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UVA). They can do lots of things like be in the military, fight fires and deliver packages.  According to Wikipedia they can also do policing, special operations, and security work. I think this is interesting because its like a robot with a job.

What drones can do

        According to amazon.com, Amazon is making a drone that can deliver packages. They say that after you make a purchase the object will be in your hands in 30 min or less by unarmed aerial vehicles. I think this is cool because it usually takes days for you package to come. But now you can have it in 30 min or less.                                        


Interesting Facts

        Drones can be used to fight fires. According to Global Post,  there was a massive fire by Yosemitey national park and by the generosity of the california coast guard the firefighters got help from drones. They sensed where the fires where and how big they are. I think this is cool because the drones can see through the smoke to see the fire. That is kind of like having x-ray vision goggles.

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