2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Post PC

by Sherrie Figglehorn

        What was that?! I hear someone! Oh my gosh! Its a burglar! 911!  This report is about Post PC.  In this you will read about Facetime.  For example, communication from far away. Next, you will read about, speed. Like, texting is fast and, apps.  Finally, you will read about apps. I’ll bet you didn’t know that there are learning apps!!!!!

Face time

        Facetime! Facetime is awesome! Wiki told me, facetime is one of the most used and most helpful app on a post pc. Imagine, the whole world is using face time more than anything. That is so cool!!!!!! I use facetime all the time. Facetime is so helpful! Every Sunday I facetime my aunt for an hour and she teaches me sign language. She is deaf. So that is why she is teaching me, so we can communicate better. Facetime helps family see each other. On Mother’s Day we facetimed my brother in London England. He is on a mission. It was so great seeing him! I love facetime!

        Friends. According to the internet, facetime helps you grow better friendships. Facetime helps you see your friends more frequently. You get to talk face to face. Then when you are on a trip, you can see how your friend is doing. I like facetiming. I facetime with my friend. We facetime all the time. We get to talk and we get to show each other cool stuff without pics. When we do facetime we get to see what is going on there and they get to see what going on here too. That way they can stay updated. Also if you want to talk privately, (and not on text) or there is something really important you need to tell them it is better face to face. Then it is more personal and private that way.

        Pets.  According to the internet, if you need to leave your pet with somebody and you want to see them, then you can see your pet and you can talk to them. I don’t think that that is wired. I would love to do that. My pets are so important to me, if I were away, I would want to see them. Wouldn’t you? If you love your pet, you will do it. If you don’t then don’t. Be the bad guy.


        Texting is fast! According to the internet, texting is a good way to reach each other when far away. If there is an emergency, like an earthquake, everybody will try to call. But because they do that, the phone call won’t go through. With texting you get good speed and it is helpful. I think that texting is so cool!

          Phones. According to the internet, with post Pc devices you can call faster, because unlike a landline you don't need wifi. Sometimes altho we don’t get very good reception.  I just think that we are lucky just to be able to call without wifi. Even if there isn’t that good of reception. Like what if a burglar broke in? Speed.

        Apps, so fast. The internet saise, apps are so fast! Duh! Tell me something I don’t know. Apps are fun and they are fast. They are so fast you normally don’t have to wait. I think that apps are so awesome! Most of the helpful things are on apps. I think that is cool. You should try apps.

        Email is fast. With email on a handheld device, you could get a lot of work done. If you are at the Dentist, but it isn’t your turn yet, you just pull out your phone and you can do that email you needed to do for the past week. So handy! My mom uses email a lot! She is the stake relief society president, so she needs to email a lot of people. She thinks it is handy for when you need the person to get it quick. Text would be too small. If you try to text a long text it takes like 20 mins.! Email is fast!


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