April, 24

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Walk into the new life of wearables

by Mr. Chew

        Your walking and talking with your friends. Then, one of them mentions a type of

wearable. Then she pulls out her google glass. And looks up this report. Then she will tell you about awesomeness. For example, do you know what the first wearable was? Well, you’ll find out in this report.  Next, you will read about what wearables are like today, like for instance, did you know they are making wearables that are waterproof? COOL!!  Finally, you will read about what wearables will be like in the future. I’ll bet you didn’t know Apple, Samsung, Google, and even Nike are all trying to be bestsellers. These are just a few interesting facts that you'll learn.

Wearable history

        This paragraph is about what the first wearable looked like. According to Steve Mann, the calculator watch was the first wearable! Well, first technology wearable. It sound so cool! In a way. It looks and acts just like a watch, but it actually is a calculator!  They have existed since the 1970’s!! And they are still made today. The most popular brand it the Casino Databank series. Can’t history be fun, and interesting? I think that this is a very interesting paragraph because it proves history can be AWESOME!!!

        How much the first wearable costs now? Well, according to walmart.com, the average watch costs about 14.99. The watch tells the time and its a calculator! It isn’t paper thin, but its still very awesome.  This could be a very useful device in school. I think this is cool because look how much calculators have improved. from regular, to portable, and next probably paper thin watch.

        how much the first wearable cost when it first came out? According to Wiki answers.com, It was expensive. The first wearable ever made cost $2,500! Thats a lot for a calculator watch! Especially compared to the 14.00 it costs now! I think $2,500 is way to much for a calculator watch. What price would you pick? I think  this is interesting because some people weren't made for selling things.

What are wearables like today?        

        This paragraph is about what is the most popular wearable? According to www.stuff.tv/wearable-tech/top-ten, a watch is actually the most popular curently. I think thats weird. Wouldn't you think it would be the contact lense that are like spy glasses? Or the google glass? What do you think is the most popular?

        This paragraph is about The top places that sell wearables. According to Nike.com, Nike, samsung, google, and Apple are all trying to beat each other. More on that in the next main heading. These are the top places to get all the cool, hip gadgets.

        This is going to tell you about Interesting facts about wearables today. According to http://www.techrepublic.com/article/wearable-computing-10-things-you-should-know/#,  did you know that they are coming out with the bluetooth jewelry? And that wristbands are still the most popular. How cool is that?

 Wearable in the future.

        Did you know wearables can race? Well, they can. This is about the amazing race in wearables. According to nike.com , Nike, Apple, google, and samsung are all competing to make the best seller wearable. The more interesting the wearable, the more it will sell for, the more popular the company! I think this is cool because now everyone can decide and make what ever company deserves it wins!

        This paragraph is about what nikes top wearable is. According to nike.com, The most interesting Idem they have is a fuel band. This is cool because it counts your heart rate and how much you exercise a day.

        This paragraph is about Apples top idem. According to apple.com, Their most popular item is the Iphone 5 s. Its cool because its thin, easy to carry around, and its from apple. How cool was this report?

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