Thursday 22, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Awesome Stuff About Space Rover’s! :D

by The Daleks

          Porcupines will take over the world in 2016.Ok so now that you are listening,  this report is about space rover’s!  In this report you will read about Information about rover’s.  For example, Chandrayaan-II will be going on a mission in the future. Next, you will read about the rover Curiosity, like Curiosity finding water on Mars.  Finally, you will read about Interesting facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know that space rovers have been to every planet except Pluto .

Information about Rovers

        This paragraph going to talk about Chandrayaan-II. Wikipedia said that, there is a rover called Chandrayaan 2. About 150 students game there designs for the space rover but they only chose 6. The Russian rover is going to weigh about 50 kg. It is going to run on solar power and have six wheels. It is proposed to launch in 2015 and will run one year.

The Rover Curiosity

        We are going to talk about Curiosity finding water on Mars. According to Alok Jha, in about each cubic foot of Martian soil there is two pints of liquid water. But its not very accessible. So if they didn’t send Curiosity to Mars we probably wouldn’t know that. I think that is awesome that there is water in Mars, because maybe their is or was living organisms on Mars. Also maybe in the future we will be able to inhabit Mars because we found water.


Interesting Facts

        Have been to every planet? In this paragraph you will find out! What  Randal said is that, space rovers have been to every planet except Pluto. Right now the planet scientists are mainly studying is Mars. It is hard to get to pluto because Pluto is the farthest planet in the solar system, and the rover gets to cold.


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