Apr, 25, 14

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)



        The history of the GPS.  This report is about Gps.  In this report you will read about History of The GPS.  For example, the GPS was made by the USA Department of Defense. Next, you will read about The future of the GPS, like it will be much smaller .  Finally, you will read about Interesting facts.

The history of the GPS

        this cool wrdos is about how invented the GPS. the USA Department of Defense or DOD invented the GPS. the history of the GPS is very interesting and cool I think .but the Gps is also very dangers it can be hidin in our car our cout even your shoe. my sors is  http://invention.yukozimo.com/who-invented-gps/.I think this is cool becues you can find ware you are iny ware in the world.

        How got the Idea of the GPS. the work is written by https://forums.lenovo.com, the USA’s DOD came up with the GPS so the could know wear their soldiers were in enemy territory.  now if the soldiers they can find their way. I think this is cool because we can now wear the army is in enemy territory.

        This famous words is about how long did it take to make the GPS. According to http://www.gps-basics.com/faq/q0113.shtm, [It touk 30 years to get it ritgh.  that is a very long time to make it I know I wouldn't want to work for that long. I think it is really cool because they worked for a very long time on one thing.

The future of the GPS

        This work of art is about what will the GPS be in the future. According to http://www.trackingtheworld.com/articles/the-future-of-gps-tracking-systems.php, the world of GPS is poping with phouns wachis shous you know waer you are all the time with no mastacs.  that is so cool I think but sometimes it is dangerous. I think it is so cool that you know waer you are all the time.


interesting facts

        This paragraph is about how the GPS help us.According to www.mio.com. It can help us find our way to our destinations. We can find where we are in the world without looking at a map. I think that is cool because maps can’t be updated unlike a GPS a GPS if a road is built the GPS

gets updated.

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