April 28, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Swag Master

        Dont know what a wearable is? well in this report you will read about what it is.  For example, I will tell you about how many uses they have. Next, you will read about the history of the wearable, like when the wearable was invented or who invented it.  Finally, you will learn some fun facts.

What is it?


Want to know what a wearable even is? According to Techopedia.com , the wearable is a digital devise that is strapped or carried on a body. It is used for health monitoring. wearables provide computer interaction.  

        Wondering what the wearable does? According to wikipedia, the wearable is a constant interaction with the person and the computer. You can also multitask with the wearable.  The wearable helps older people. The wearable also helps the people that cant walk or those who are disabled.


        When was it invented? According to wikipedia, the first wearable was actually the glasses. It was invented in the 1200! But that is the first wearable NOT the first computer wearable. The first computer wearable was invented in the late 1960s  


Who in the world is smart enough to invent the wearable? According to wikipedia, the first wearable computer was invented by Steve Mann in the late 1916s. The very first wearable the actually the glasses. But most people say that the first wearable was invented in the 1600. They think the abacus on a ring was the first wearable. But we are talking about the wearable technology. Which was invented in the late 1916s.


Wondering how much the first one cost? According to cnet.com, The first wearable sold for $1,500. It was It was the abacus on a ring. You might be thinking the glasses are the very first wearable, and they are! But we are talking about the wearable technology.

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