2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

3D Printers Rule!

by Chewy Frog

  You lost a piece to your favorite toy, what do you do? You print it from your 3D printer and whala you have your favorite toy back.  You are about to witness a report on 3D printers. First of all you will learn of the history of the 3D printer.  Like who invented it and when. Next, you will soak up the knowledge of  production, like how a 3D printer works.  Finally, You will learn things you never knew before. I’ll bet you didn’t know some 3D printers can print some types of food.


        Do you know when the 3D printer was made? From 3dsystems.com, we know that the 3D printer was invented in 1983. 3D printers have come a long way since then. I think this is cool because he invented it over 30 years ago. That is amazing!

        How hard was it to build a 3D printer back in 1983? Thanks to 3dsystems.com, we know that such limited resources made it hard to make a prototype let alone make it work. Charles “chuck” Hull made it work and has made the world completely different. I think it is cool because we need smart people like him to change the world.


        How does a 3D printer work? According to CNBC, a 3D printer slowly adds one layer of plastic at a time. It uses a 3D sketch to print the object. It can print anywhere from jewelry to prosthetic limbs. I think that 3D printing is awesome because it can help people.


Have you ever wondered if a 3D printer can produce working organs? We learn from Anthony Atala, we can now print working organs. This helps medically because people don’t have to wait for a transplant. I think that is cool because not as many people will die waiting for a transplant.


        Did you know we can print a 3D printer with a 3D printer? According to Lauren Orsini, we have invented a 3D printer that can print itself. It is a 3D printer called the MakerBot. I think this is cool because we can mass produce 3D printers using 3D printers!


Interesting Facts

        Have you ever wondered if a 3d printer can print food? According to Huffington post.com, We can print some types of food. Like chocolate. The MakerBot is a printer that can actually print chocolate. I think this is cool because it is one more step to living in the life of Star Trek!


Did you know you can buy a 3D printer at one of your local stores? According to bestbuy.com, you can buy a 3D printer at Best Buy. They have a 3D printer that costs a little over 1,000 dollars. I think that this is awesome because you can now buy your own personal 3D printer and print parts and tools that you need.


        Do you know when we started printing in 3D? According to Lauren Orsini, Chuck Hull invented the 3D printer back in 1983. When he invented the 3D printer he just changed the world everywhere. I think this is cool how he made something that can print 3D stuff like toys and machine parts.


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