2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

The 3D Printer

BY: Elmo

         WOW! THIS PRINTER IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER!!!! This report is about the 3-D Printer.  In this report you will read about Interesting Facts.   For example, the 3-D Printer makes stuff from powder! HOW!! Next, you will read about History, where it was made ,or how it was made.  Finally, you will read about IT’s Build. I’ll bet you didn’t know it is built to use lasers for making all of the layers to a three-dimensional object!

Interesting Facts

        Have you ever wonder what the 3D Printer makes objects out of. According http://www.wimp.com/functionaltools/,The 3D Printer makes stuff out of POWDER! The powder that is used in the 3D Printer is not like any other. The powder can be mixed with special company’s own mixes too. I think that it is amazing how a 3D Printing machine can take powder and make a object that you can hold in your hand and touch!!


Do you know what a 3D Printer can help with. According to http://www.stratasys .com/resources/videos.   The 3D Printer can help out with alot of things. Like the 3D Printer can print out things that if you didn’t strong arms or you need a brace for them. Then the 3D Printer can help out. People have been helping out kids and adults who need the extra support. I bet that those people who need the braces are so thankful for them! I think that is amazing even machines can make the world a better place. 


           Do you know what the 3D Printer is used for? I learned from http://www.businessinsider.com/10-surprising-things-you-can-3-d-print-today-2014-5?op=1 that you can make both good and bad things you can make with 3D Printing. I think it sad that people take a good machine that can make good stuff and make bad stuff with it like  guns and other not skafe stuff. But, on the other hand you can make GOOD THINGS, and that is good. USE IT FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!



        Do you know where the 3D Printer was invented. According to Matthew Ponsford, Chuck Hull invented the 3D Printer in his own house! In his house he also has a lab and that is the place where this all began. I think that is amazing because who knows what you can make in your very own house. That is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take a guess when Chuck Hull made the 3D Printer. Well in this paragraph in will tell you.  According to http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/13/tech/innovati on/the-night-i-invented-3 d-printing-chuck-hall/ ,when Chuck Hull invented the first 3D Printer he was so excited.

He ran to get his wife to look at his invention he had made. The first thing that was printed was a eyewash glass. I think that is cool that he made it right in his own house.



 Have you ever wonder how much money the 3D Printer costs. Well it may or may not be the cheapest thing on your shopping list. I found out on this website… http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Industrial-Scientific-3D-Printers/zgbs/industrial/6066127011 that they can cost a out of this world price. You may wonder why this machine is so much money. That is because of the build of the machine that can make anything. And if you make a toy or something the stores can also lose money.That is how much the 3D Printer is.


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