May 22, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Post PC Palooza!

by PostPcLover45

Imagine that you are in a world with only PCs. No ipads, no smartphones, no laptops. Imagine going on a plane for a 16 hour flight and you don’t have any technology on it, because you can’t bring your whole PC! That would be a hard world to live in. That’s why we have post pcs. These cool devices, like tablets, smartphones, and laptops help create a tech, easy life. They also help solve many problems, but what if these new devices are creating some? This report is going to blow your mind on the world of post pcs. You will learn about the future of the post pcs. You will also know about the past, and how these AMAZING inventions came to be. Not only that, but you get to know some really interesting facts. So come on! I’ll take you on a amazing, entertaining journey through my report.


        For our first stop, let’s learn about the future for post pcs. According to Ben Parr, Apple wants to create a post pc world. Even though Apple is a big target to a lot of competing brands, they are very determined to make this come true. I think that this is cool because personally, I like Apple a lot, and I think that they can do a lot with technology in this world.



Some laughed when showman Steve Jobs gushed over the "magical" iPad, which would go on to dominate the new tablet market.

        Do you know how the ipad was invented? It’s actually a crazy story, come on and I’ll tell you. According to Lee Moran, At a dinner, Steve Jobs was invited to, he came home with the idea of the IPad. Bill Gates had talked about their new tablet product in the making, but he had talked about it to Steve Jobs over and over. Steve Jobs got so irritated, it drove him to creating the ipad. I think this is not fair, because Bill Gates was just excited, and Steve Jobs just took his idea and created something cleaner. It definitely won the crowd. This is a crazy, weird, different way that the ipad was created.

        It takes a long time to make an ipad. Don’t believe me? Listen, and I’ll show you. According to Jay Yarow, it takes five days, and 325 people to create a single IPad. Wow! I think that this is crazy, because you see like 25-40 ipads on shelves, and it takes a long time to make each one of them. I also think that it is really sad too, because to make an IPad it takes a long time, and no one seems to care. So it takes a long time to make one IPad.



Do you know the most popular brand of  post pc? Here’s the answer. Laptop Mag Editorial Staff states that Apple is the best laptop brand. For five years, Apple has had the name for the best laptop brand. I think that’s pretty cool, because thats a long time, and to be able to rank the top spot is pretty amazing. Apple also has some great product like the IPad, and IPhone, and those are big sellers too. We may not know much, but it seems to me that Apple is the most popular brand of post pcs.

Interesting Facts

You will now learn one of the saddest, yet interesting facts of this whole report! You will now know how much people working in the factory make creating some post pc devices. Jay Yarow states that people working in the factories, only make about $1.78 an hour! I think that is very sad, because they are making IPhones, and Apple is one of the richest companies in the world, yet the people who make the merchandise only get paid almost two dollars an hour! Minimum wage, here is $7.00 an hour! They are getting almost ¼ of the money we get, when they are making expensive product! So I think that this is an interesting, yet sad fact.

        Now are you starting to like the post pc more than an average day computer? Here’s what some people have to say about that. According to Jason Hiner, people are loving the ipad, perhaps even more then the average day computer. This makes sense, because people who don’t need a full computer, can just get a simple, portable computer. (A.K.A the ipad/tablet) I think this is cool, because I personally think I would rather have an ipad. You can do more things, and not everything on the ipad needs wifi, or internet, when the computer usually does. I’m not surprised that people like a tablet more then a computer, yet, it’s a pretty interesting fact.


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