April 28,2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

The Printing of the 3-D Printer

by Mr. Bubsicle the tiny airplane

        Have you ever wondered how the heck 3d printing works? Well, you’re in luck. Because this report is about 3d printing.  In this report you will read about how other people use 3d printers.  For example, NASA uses 3d printers in space! Next, you will read about how 3d printing actually works, like when it goes layer by layer. Oh wait. shhh you didn’t hear anything. Finally, you will read about some fun facts about 3d printers. I’ll bet you didn’t know......

sych! Mhawawawa! you will have to read my report if you want to know what I bet you didn’t already know........


        Did you know that people will actually use 3d printers in space?! I know right! Insane! According to Nola Redd, starting this fall, astronauts on the space station won’t have to wait for ever and ever to get parts they need. Instead, there sending a 3d printer into space. That way, it will be just minutes before they have the parts they need. For example, say that you were on the outside fixing the space station, and all of a sudden, you lost the grip of your wrench, and it floated away. Well, im sure that you would be pretty sad about that. Because well, your life long friend is drifting away into nothingness. Well, never fear! just hop back into the space station. Go to the 3d printer and upload an image of maybe even a BETTER wrench! In fact you could color it just for the heck of it! I really like this because astronauts won’t have to wait for ever and ever and ever just to get a tiny little wrench or screw!  3d printing will be a very big accomplishment.

        I’ll bet you never thought that countries BESIDES America, used 3d printers. Well, you’re wrong! Actually according to Loz Blain, a company in China used 3d printing to build 10 houses in a day! That’s insane! Without a 3d printer, we couldn’t have made 1 house, in a WEEK!!! Let alone 2 houses in a week!! As you can see, 3d printing is spectacular. We have accomplished something that we’ve only DREAMED about doing! Isn’t that amazing! 3d printing will lead us to many opportunities in the future.


        Do you know how 3d printing works? NO YOU DON”T!!!!! So if you WANT to know, read on...... Have you ever wondered how the heck the 3d printers make pretty much exact copies of whatever you want? Well, according to mashable.com, first off, you make a “blueprint” of what you are wanting to make. You add color or do whatever else you want. Next, you send the blueprint to the printer. You then choose, depending on the printer, what material you want. Plastic, paper, metals and much more. After that, the printer passes over layers creating more layers. Each time it makes a layer thicker and higher in the shape it needs to be. This is pretty awesome. That is just a brief preview of how 3d printing works.

Do you know exactly what 3d printing IS? Well if you don’t, keep reading. If you do, still keep reading.... 3d printing is a process where you take images and upload them to a printer. The printer then goes layer by layer building the object you want. According to Wikipedia, 3d printing is the process of making a solid object of virtually ANY shape from a digital model. Now that, is really cool.


        Did you know that you can make human limbs from certain printers? It’s insane right! Well, it’s true. According to KSL.com, in May of 2011, a carpenter was sawing a piece of wood. Then he lost his grip, cutting off all four fingers! But, thanks to technology, he was able to print a new prosthetic robot hand! Ya for 3d printers!!!! As you can see, it has made someone be able to create a HAND!!!!! 3d printing is awesome!

        Have you ever wondered what you could MAKE with 3d printing? Well, guess what? According to Mark Fleming, you can make pretty much ANYTHING you want to make. For example, you can make a model of the Eiffel Tower, jet engine parts, twinky little action figures, tools, GUNS, and even human organs using a person's own cells. YOU NAME IT! As you can see, 3d printing is an amazing thing that will help us in many ways during the future.


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