2014 Technology Report

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Ice Cream Sunday

        Have you ever wondered how your house is doing when you’re away?  Well with home automation you can. In this report you will read about Home Automation History.  For example, controlling your house with your finger. Next, you will read about Home Automation’s Future, like controlling your entire house. Finally, you will read about Interesting Facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know that so many people have home automation.


        Do you want to know more about how cool home automation is read on. How do you control home automation with your body? According to Lance Unaloff, you can mute your TV by putting your finger to your lips. You can also click on things by pointing to them. You can do that same kind of stuff with your house.  Isn’t that so cool you can just point and you’re watching your show or doing whatever else you want. I think it is so cool because you don’t have to get up or you can do it from another room. I can’t wait until everyone has home automation in their house.

        Have you ever wondered how home automation works? According to comcast.com, home automation systems are made of hardware. Communication and electronic interfaces that work to connect electronic devices with each other. They have made it so you can do almost anything in your house with a touch of a button. From any location. There are three main elements of a home automation system. They are sensors, controllers, and actuators. Home automation systems are so cool!

        Do you think home automation is too expensive you won’t after this. The cost of home automation systems are... according to costowl.com A home automation starter kit might cost $40 to $500. Depending on what it controls. A wireless system maybe Z-WAVE starts at about $300 to $600. Some companies offer home automation systems on a monthly fee for about $35 to $70 each  month plus an activation fee $200 to $500. Wow expensive, but it is still worth it. It really depends on the brand, and what it controls.


In this paragraph you will read about motorised TV sets. According to forbes.com, most high tech homes have motorised TV sets. They are TVs that pop out of furniture, the ground or your wall. It is very convenient because if you want to have a TV right in front of you without anyone knowing you can. It will pop up by a wave of a hand. It is getting more popular everyday. I can’t wait until everybody gets pop up TVs.

Kitchens are becoming smarter and smarter. According to forbes.com, There is a app that you can see what is expired. You can also go grocery shopping. There is a tablet on your fridge. It will show you recipies. Also it will tell you what recipes that will work with the food you have. I can’t wait until that happens.  


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