2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by The 3D Printed Lunatic

        YO! I JUST PRINTED THIS RUBIX CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This report is about 3D printers.  In this report you will read about Manufactuing.  For example, you will learn how many people make 3D printers. Finally, you will read about Interesting Facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know that someone made a 3D printer that works on the sun and uses sand. ALSO I am very sorry but I have not had much time to do this so a LOT of stuff looks “weird”.


        Do you know how many companies make 3D printers? 3ders.org says, currently there are 4 3D printer companies:Objet Geometries, Z Corporation, Stratasys, and 3DSystems. In order they were founded in:1998 (Objet), 1994 (Z Corp.), 1988 (Stratesys), 1986 (3DSystems). I think that is cool because so many people wanted to get into the groove of 3D printing.


Interesting Facts

        Did you know that there is a sand 3D printer? According to Gregory Mone, Markus Kayser has created the worlds first solar powered, sand using 3D printer. This machine makes glassware by shining an ultra concentrated beam of sunlight on the sand. About 8 hours later you have a nice little bowl. I think this is cool because people can have a bunch of these, then people can have a new bowl whenever they need one.

        Doy you know who invented the 3D printer? Wikipedia wrote, the inventor of the 3D printer is Chuck Hull. I think that Chuck is really cool because, I would have NEVER thought of how to make a computer make things that aren't flat.

        3D printers work in a cool way. Gigaom.com says, 3D printers work by layering gooey plastic, which then hardens to create a solid figure. I think this is cool because it is amazing that a small machine can hold a heating element powerful enough to melt plastic.

Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D printer

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