Friday, April 25th, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Stinkoman


        Hey?! Have you heard about the new “Wearable” Devices? Do you want to know more about them? Well you’re in luck, this report is about Wearable Technology.  In this report you will read about The Google Glass.  For example, Google Glass can hold 16 GB of storage, that is a lot for a tiny gadget! I hope you will enjoy my report.

The Google Glass

The Google Glass can do many things. But here are a few of the things it can do. On a website called, they say they are designed for those who move. You can use it while golfing, biking, running and even exercising. The Google Glass can text, call, take videos, take pictures and give you directions too. It is convenient so you don’t have to take the time get your phone out of your pocket, unlock it, open the camera app and take a picture. This is just another way of saying, “Humans are lazy.”

The Google Glass is a very tiny gadget, but it can hold a lot of storage. According to Google and, Google Glass has 12 GB of usable memory. But Google Glass has 16GB of internal storage total. I think that is a lot of storage. That is how much storage my iPhone 4S holds! The Google Glass isn’t very big either. So that is a lot of storage for a little device. That is sometimes pretty convenient.

        The Google Glass is very stylin’ so you can wear it with anything. On, they say they always have frames that fit. If you wear glasses, there is even a Google Glass type with glasses attached to the Google Glass! So you can see correctly, and be comfortable. There is also another type that is like glasses, but it doesn't have the frames. The Google Glass also has attachments that makes your Google Glasses sunglasses. Convenient, right?!


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