April 25,2014

Mr Welch (6th)

technology reports


by: Bugs Bunny

        3...2...1… get ready to take off and learn all about Space Rovers.  In this report you will read about What problem rovers solved and created. For example,rovers can only function in certain temperatures.

        Rovers helped in so many ways. According to npr,  Rovers have been able to search other planets for us. If we were to search and go out to these planets on our own we would die! I think this is interesting because we are able to search other planets and learn all about them even if we are millions of miles away!

 Rovers created many problems too. rocketcityspacepioneers.com says ,  rovers can only operate in certain temperatures. This is a problem because it takes longer to get data.from other planets. Like on the moon, the temperatures range from  - 400°F (-240°C) at night to 250°F (121°C) during the day. The rover can only take so much before it needs to find a safe spot to spend the night/day!

        Rovers have discovered LOTS.  cnn.com tells us, rovers explore alone but they also gather lots of info! Most of their info is pictures of the planet and rock and sand samples.  I think this is interesting because the rover can gather all of this info and send it back to earth very quickly, and the more info we have here the more we know and that is always good.

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