May 21, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch 5th grade class

Post PC

By: Benjamin Green

        Hey you yes you you know that I am talking to you.  In this report you will read about if you want to buy an ipod nano. For example, how much it cost. Next, you will read about some interesting facts, like how much teenagers earn if they work for an hour.  Finally, you will read about the features of an ipod nano. I’ll bet you don’t know how awesome it is.


        The iPod Nano is awesome. Ian Morris said, there's Good capacity, great design, sounds ace, FM radio is brilliant, Nike+ sync, lovely screen. I think it is cool because I have one and I love the radio station KSL.


If You Want to Buy One        

How much does the ipod nano cost. Apple says the average of the ipod nano costs $149.00 I think that is cool because it is very cheap for what you get.


Interesting Facts

        How much do the teenagers make for making iphones? Do you know? Jay Yarow said, teanangers make $1.78 a hour.  I think that is sad because they are building awesome things that are expensive and they should make more.  

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