May 21, 2014, 11:46 PM

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Space Robers


This report is graded


         This report is about Space Robbers--I mean Rovers--Wait, I really mean Robbers (you’ll see why, later).  In this report you will read about how they explore Mars and other planets and when they were made and how they are sent to planets and why they havn’t travelled to Pluto yet.  For example, space robers have amazing cameras. They can take pictures through all the gravity and carbon dioxide and stuff. But they had very very very very very very very very very ROBER very very bad pictures because they were black and white. Next, you will read  about how they travel to the planets, like robers go into a small ship and then they get the biggest parachute in the world and then they make it go boom and then they have to let the rober go because the spaceship was falling on Mars at 200 mph.  Finally, you will read about controlling. I’ll bet you didn’t know that robers have amazing cameras that can take pictures through all of the fog and carbon dioxide and non oxygen stuff. Space Robers are sometimes sent just because people can’t afford to go to mars because it will take like 984295046527346587236495876348975623478658237465873246589736487563487568374678532958743689576387496584726847658723456897543687426324587653489754236958236245387265823496534289754638752365234859246834765438976543872563489234568975346345876543853462872436548376543278253964538745263582439254875246389253675865243892675895468349652348625348543685436599999999999999999999999999999999999999999991 and a half years to go there, so you will get bored. So they send a rober to look for life and water on mars so they can see if someone can move to mars and live there. I think that is cool because, they remote can reach all they way to mars and other planets.

Sending It

        This paragraph is about being sent. According to, space rovers are sent in mini space ships to a planet. They travel super fast. Then when the spaceship is a few miles away from the planet, it pilots out a large parachute (largest parachute in the world) to take it down slowly. If it still goes too fast, then whoever sent it has to evacuate it from the spaceship and it lands on the planet. Then it goes about exploring. I think that is cool because, it would be super hard and scary to land it on the planet, but they do it so well.

        This paragraph is about why they send it. I didn’t get this from a website, and I think that they are sent to planets to look for water and early life. The most explored planet is mars because they are finding lots of stuff there. I think that is cool because, if they find water on Mars, you can LIVE ON MARS!!!!!!! And I promise, they will put grocery stores.

        This paragraph is about how they work. They aren’t automatic inventions. They have to be controlled by people a million miles away, so the controllers have to be super good quality to reach that far. I think that is cool because those are amazing controllers.


        This paragraph is about the planets its been sent to. The space robers have been sent to every planet except for Pluto (even if it isn’t a planet) I think the only reason they havn’t sent that to Pluto is because they probably couldn’t afford it. I think that is sad because, think about how much money they earn a year. And they can’t go to Pluto?

        This paragraph is about History. According to Wikipedia, The first space rober was launched on to Mars on 1996, December fourth. I can tell you one thing though, that was not when the rober was MADE.

        This paragraph is about WHY THEY’RE called robbers. I think they are called robbers because they sometimes take stuff back from planets so that the people at NASA can do stuff to it. I think that would be hard because you would have to do a lot of work and research.

New versions

        This paragraph is about Improv. Back then, robers probably where not as high quality as ours. They probably had to be sent in something else and the thing they were sent in was probably not high quality as our version today, too. I think that would be hard to send because of how old it would be.

        This paragraph is about TOPIC. According to SOURCE, [Type your research in your own words.  Make it interesting. Add flavor so it sounds like your voice, not the Internet’s.]

        This paragraph is about TOPIC. According to SOURCE, [Type your research in your own words.  Make it interesting. Add flavor so it sounds like your voice, not the Internet’s.]

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