2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Kittycat

        HEY YOU!  This report is about the SMARTPHONE.  In this fascinating report you will read about, what can it do?  For example, it has an app that allows you to hold your credit cards on it. Next, you will read about what problem did it create, like spending too much time on the internet that has sometimes bad things.  Finally, you will read about how it’s being used today. I’ll bet you didn’t know that it is used for crimes!

What can the smartphone do?

You are at a store then all of the sudden a theft took your wallet! Well no need to worry because you don’t have any money or credit card in it thanks to the Smartphone!  Rachel Rothman tells on the internet, did you know? That there is an app that can hold credit cards? Well there is! Now you don’t have to worry about having to carry tons of credit cards! So now if you don’t want to hold credit cards and you don’t want to be pick pocketed then get the app! But the only problem is that if you have your credit cards on your phone then that means if someone got your phone you will lose a lot of money but it is still useful!

Your at home and the baby’s crying! You need a babysitter but don’t have time to call her! You really need to get to the bank quick but you can’t leave your child! Not to worry person! According to Rachel Rothman, theres a scanner that scans your taxes and checks and puts them in the bank and lets you pay for things! So now you don’t have to waste gas for your car while driving all the way to the bank! You can do it in an instant! If you have a child and you can leave them alone you can scan the pay check or taxes thing. Or if you don’t want to waste space in your phone/device you can save the pictures and use them later! Now you can have a scanner on your device at any time!

        You listen on the radio and then you hear your favorite song and you want to know the name? Now you can! You just need Sound Hound! According to me, Sound Hound is an app you can get. So if you have a favorite song and want to know the band, lyrics, time it was released, etc. Now all you have to do is get the app and when you hear your favorite song you can click the app. Then click search, and then it will listen to the music and find it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t find it a few times. It might just not hear it. So download the app today!

What problem did it create?

        You got punished for not taking out the trash so now you’re punish mint is not being able to use your smartphone for a WEEK. You have made it for an hour so you’re almost there!  But then you start panicking this is normal and shows how much we really know. Rachel Arandilla says, we use Smartphones TOO MUCH! We use them EVERYWHERE! In the bathroom at the movies and even in bed. This show we are the ones that spend 24/7 on phones!

Did you know once you start getting addicted to playing on them its like smoking you can’t really stop or else you don’t feel complete! We really need to STOP! One day we will obey phones and it may control you. So I ask, next time you come across a phone choose to go do something else.


        Your at home and you’re calling a family meeting and all your children come with there phones and you say,” please get off your phones!” but none of your kids listen it shows how long kids and teens spend on the phone. Rachel Arandilla says, today teens spend 10.5 hours of media in a day if this is true this is bad and worrying here is some research that they found 37% adults and 60% teens admit to being addicted, 51% adults and 65% teens say they use their smartphones to socialize, people use their smarphone’s at meals, bed, and in the bathroom! Gross!!! 58% males on a smartphone, compared to 42% females!

        You are glued to the phone and your mom says something you don’t hear what she says. Then your mom is worried and takes your phone from your hands. That shows how much time they spend time on the phone. Christina Dettman says, they say that teens exchanged an average of 3,415 text messages a month! Some teens say “I go insane.” another one says when she doesn’t have her cell phone “ I have separation anxiety.” Lots of people are worried by the next generation of kids and what they will do. This shows what kids are doing these days. So Please set something with your kids to spend less time on the computer. Thank You!

How is it being used today?

        You are at home then you hear an alarm that alarm means someone is in your house what do you do? You grab your smartphone and click the camera app. I know there is an app that lets you use security cameras to see what is going on. But criminals also use their phones for crimes! They can search up ANYTHING to help them get into a store and they can search up how to make it without getting caught. So now you can keep an eye on them and call the police when you see a crime! It is very useful when you’re a manager for the store. So now get the app to make it safe!  

        Your at home then you hear your phone. You answer then you hear your son saying he can’t sleep. You answer turn off your phone. I’ve heard, Phones make kids have LESS SLEEP so that makes it fail when it tries to work and remember. This is made it harder for kids to work. So they also bring their phones to school. This is bad especially in class. So turn off all phones at night!  

        You’re in school your teacher catches you with your phone and takes it away. I’ve seen kids play and use phones in class they search up answers for questions. They play games and miss lessons. They get their phones taken away. They lose their own work time. I mean its fine to use a phone for emergencies but every second! So please turn off your phones!

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