2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch 6th

3D Printers

by Poopoopachoo

        Pretend like you baby brother or sister or baby cries because one of their toys just broke and they start crying. You realize that you cannot buy a new one well I can fix that problem for you just get a 3-D printer and print another toy. In this paper you will learn a lot about 3-D printers.  In some of the report you will read about the history. Next, you will read about future, like the problems a 3D printer might have created.  You will also learn about the production, like how many 3D printers they sell in a year. Finally, you will read about interesting facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know that people that work as a hub get to decide how much how much money they get paid.


        Many people think that the 3-D printer was invented by lots of different people but the 3-d printer was really invented by Chuck. thanks to Ziff Davis, LLC. PCMag Digital Group we know about when how the 3-d printer was invented,The first 3D printer was created by Charles W. (Chuck) Hull. Hull founded a company called 3D Systems, which made machines. He made it so that it was easy to print things that you want cheaper. I think this is cool because without Charles W. (Chuck) Hull we would not have the 3-d printer today.

Interesting Facts

        Isn’t it cool that you can actually print out keys? Because of Stephanie Crawford, and the information she knows you can print out house keys by using a 3-D printer.  I think that would be awesome because if I lose my house keys, I’m in big trouble.  But, because of the 3-D printer I have extra keys that I could print and not be in big trouble.  And, they’re cheaper.  I can spend the money I save on flowers for my mom (hi mom, if you read this).

        Did you know that you can print stuff by using your phone? According to , If you are some where important you can just start the printing so when you get home you can just have you item ready for you. I think this is cool because if you are on a date and you want something really bad in a click of a button you can have something printed for you. Isn’t that COOL!!!

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