2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

3D Printer


Do you want to make something out of thin air. Now you can with the 3D printer. I am going to teach you about the future, like how rich people only buy it.  Then I’ll teach you about materials, like powder.  Finally, I’ll teach you about safety, or not.  I’ll bet you don’t know how to stay safe with 3D printers (guns, etc.)


        What’s the future for it? To anyone who hasn’t seen it demonstrated, 3-D printing sounds really cool It has been very cool since 1984 I think the he for it is okay because only rich people only buy it and big comapnys I think thats cool because that means prices will become cheaper.                


This awesome paragraph is about if it sells good. As prices for the 3-D printer have not changed people have not want to buy any 3-D printer since. The potentional for the 3-d printer has gotten low. The only people who buy are big time rich. I think thats sad becuse there not common.


How doctors can use 3-D printers for helping people is amazing. Garrett Peterson was born with a defective windpipe. His doctor used a 3-D printer to give him a new one. I think that is cool, because it is not just a weapon of destruction, it also saves people.


What do they use it for? Most applaction are used for printing plastic things, like keys, pens, replicas, sometimes they are used for printing body parts. I think that cool because you can help other people in need.

Is It Dangerous


Danger! Danger! Danger!  How can we stay safe? Accoring to Kyle Makie In Texas the Goverment did a test and made a gun. (OUT OF A 3-D PRINTER AND IT WORK!) I think that is scary because crimnals can make as many guns as they want and more weapons I think this really crasy Hope people don’t that because I do not want to die. In the future 3-D printers will become cheaper and more common.  



What material do they use? If you haven’t seen the 3-D printer in action there are some different matterial that inculdes, plastic, metal, and powder.I think thats cool because you can make things.

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