2014 Technology Reports

Krissa Jarvis5th


by Smartphone lover55

        Hello!  I have always wanted a smartphone, but there are reasons why I do not. This report is about smartphones.  In this report you will read about Being on your phone all day.  For example,  According to ask.com, An average person checks their phone 185 times a day. Next, you will read about having all your techniques with you, like a calendar, a phone.  Finally, you will read about how much money appel makes. I’ll bet you didn’t know apple makes 117,238. Lets get started.

Spending time on smartphone.

        This awesome piece of work is about,  being on your smartphone all day.daily mail states that,  an average person looks on their smartphone 110 times a day. You probably are on your phone for at least 185 or more hours throughout the week. My sister spends pretty much all of her day on her phone. So she spends about 15 hours on her phone so thats not as bad.  

you will learn about having your techniques with you.    daily news states that,  apple has got a lot of reports about how they have every thing that they need with them. If I had a phone I would be reporting that I have every thing with me. That is a good thing really good thing. You have everything you need with you.

        This is about how much money appel makes. According to eyeopening.info.com. appel makes 231,356$ a day all around the world. In 2011 appel made 25.922$. Thats a lot of money. My mom and dad make a lot of money but not that much. A few years ago appel made 1 billion$.

        Every one loves safety hears a way to learn how to be safe on your phone.  When you have a phone its fun to text on it but is having fun with friends or being safe more important.  According to daily news,  Texting on your phone is fun, but what about being safe. When you have a phone its fun to text on it but is being safe more important. You can call 911 if you need to. If you had someone chasing pull out your phone and call 911.


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