April 28, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch 5th


by random name

 by the way some of this stuff is not true

  You need a smartphone.  I hope you enjoy reading this report where I will amaze you with historical facts, like who invented it.  Keep reading and you will learn about what it does. For example, I’ll show you what it can do.  Finally, I have some interesting facts that will blow your socks off.  I’ll bet you don't know how many weird stuff is on the internet. You’ll be surprised.


        Are you wondering how the Smartphone who made the smartphone? This paragh tells you who made the smartphone. According to qrcodescanning.com , well Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone. He made the first ever phone call. He  was not the man who made the smartphone, but he was wondering if the technology could get better. The first smartphone was really made by IBM and BellSouth. I think this was cool because the idea bounced off Alexander and IBM and BellSouth made the idea better.


I wonder if the smartphones will get better. Qrcodescanning.com states that

, The smartphone will get better. The smartphone has gotten better so scientist predict that the smartphone will get  better over time. They say that if the smartphone does keep getting better over time then there will be see through ones in fact some people are working on the technology. I think this is cool because then you can see through it.  So it is most likely to become better.


Are you wondering how the smartphone was made. According to qrcodescanning.com

,  The people were just experimenting with phones. They were playing around and boom. It happened. They were not planning this but it just happened.   I think this is cool cause it might of been a mistake.

What It Does

        Are you wondering what the smartphone can do? Well, it has amazing apps! Well,  the internet says, they have so many games. For example, temple run, subway surfers, and many many more. You can have pretty much get any game you want. There are over one thousand games. The games can be lots and lots of fun. But there is just one problem. Some of them can be bad so watch what you download and have fun.

        Are you wondering why smartphones have cameras? well, people say, they have cameras so that you can take pictures of memories like when you go to St. George. Or you can take selfies. You just can take pictures for fun. That is what the camera is for on the smartphone.


Are you wondering about texting and calling. According to people, it is a way of communication. The can use it to talk to each other. The smartphone provides that. there are so many things that texting provides. I think this is cool cause you can contact people from far away or really close.

Interesting Facts

        Want some interesting facts?  According to http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-05-21/your-text-messages-saved-forever, your text messages could be recorded. FOREVER!!!!!!!!

        I have some really good interesting facts. well i want to know how many smartphones are made. According to http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/9616011/Number-of-smartphones-tops-one-billion.html, There are more than one billion smartphones made. I think this is cool cause that is a big number of iphones made!!!

        Last of the interesting facts. http://visual.ly/10-iphone-fun-facts says that 9 out of 10 people listen to the music on their i phones or i pods. The world is saying goodbye to stereos. Wait, What is a stereo? JK!

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