may 21,2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

3d printers!

by dragonpizzapinapple

        3d printers can do alot save lives and they are only a little bit more then a 1000 dollars!.  This report is about 3d printers.  In this report you will read about who made the first 3d printer.  For example, the first 3d printer was…. . read who made 3d printers below , you will read about how much are the 3d printers! scroll down to  see how much there are?  Finally, you will read about how to use it. I’ll bet you didn’t know its the coolest thing ever!

who made the first 3d printer

         The first 3d printer! According to, chuck hull was the first person to invent the 3d printer!!! Chuck Hull is very old right now. Thirty  years ago chuck hull invented the 3d printer. The first one was very expensive. They used to be priced around 20,000        


how much are the 3d printers

        Did you know you can buy 3d printers at wallmart! According to you can buy 14 3d printers for the same price as a new 2014 car! You can buy a 3d printer  cubeX at wallmart for only $3,204 perfect wedding gift! If I were going to a wedding, and I were rich, I would buy everyone a 3D printer.

The History

         Thirty Years ago the inventor of 3D printer, Chuck Hull invented the 3D printer. The first 3D printer was first very big and not that efficient. So then scientest have improved it over time. Then one day this dude found out how to print human organs. But this science is still underway, it is called bio printing. The 3D printer has improved over time a lot!!!!!!!

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