May 21, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Mr. Spock

(Curiosity Rover on Mars)   :)

One day the Enterprise was zooming through space when all of a sudden the Klingon Bird of Prey appeared out of no where and came out of it’s invisibility power. Then, what happened next was very unexpected. They pulled out the  most dangerous weapon of all weapons ever invented………..They pulled out……….  Have I got you attention now? Good. I’ll tell you about Star Trek later. This report is about Space Rovers.  In this report you will read about Current and Future Space Rover Missions.  For example, did you know that NASA space rovers are on Mars right now? If you want to see pictures, go to google at your house and look up this: NASA Mars space rovers. Next, you will read about Current and Future Information, like they said that they are going to shut down Opportunity in 2015! They are crazy to shut Opportunity down! Finally, you will read about the MER. (Mars Exploration Rovers) I’ll bet you didn’t know NASA has had the rover Opportunity on Mars for almost 10 years. That is a long time for a space rover.

Past, Current, and Future Space Rover Missions

        This lovely paragraph is about some ideas NASA came up with for a 2020 space rover. According to, they are planning to have a new rover on Mars in 2020. They say it will be a lot like Curiosity, one of the current space rovers on Mars. Really all that will be different may be the size and technology. They also say that the agency has began to review the ideas and they expect that they will choose the final science gear for the 2020 rover in the upcoming five months. This is fascinating, because they also say that along with the new space rovers on Mars in 2020 they will send people. So they are really excited about sending rovers and people together, which is in some ways illogical. It takes about 2 years to send rovers to Mars, and people wouldn’t be much different. They would need to go into hibernation. So in some ways, it is illogical and in some ways it’s not.

        I have some interesting things to tell us about an adventure that the rover Curiosity had. (Even though it has had many and many, many more to come) :) This lovely website,, on April 3, 2014, Curiosity took this picture:Mars

Interesting, right? They say that the bright spot in this picture “might be due to the sun glinting off a rock or cosmic rays striking the camera’s detector” as the website says. It was quite interesting. Justin Maki said that “In the thousands of images we’ve received from Curiosity, we see ones with bright spots nearly every week.”  

        This fascinating article is informative about the ongoing NASA rover mission on mars. According to, ten years ago on the date of January 3, 2014 NASA dropped the first two Mars rovers on the surface of Mars.One of them is still sending data back to our planet, but sadly the other one basically died. Opportunity is still an ongoing mission, but Spirit was the one that didn’t make it. :( Spirit had gone through the roughest parts of Mars, exploring a lot of land. He is a “memorial statue” near Home Plate in Gusev Crater. Anyway, Opportunity is a great ongoing mission but will sadly be shut down in 2015 due to their budget for the new space rover. Curiosity, the mission that started in August of 2012, is still on Mars as well, discovering and mapping Mars, planning for the future manned mission in 2020. (See above) This is quite interesting just to be able to see Mars because of rovers. They send us pictures of Mars which can help us prepare for our manned mission to mars. They’re still working with us. Thanks Mars Rovers!

Current and Future Information

        This quite mind-boggling information tells us cost of NASA’s “next” space rover. According to, the cost of NASA’s “new” space rover is almost 2.5 billion dollars. That is a TON! Of course, I say “new” because this website was published in 2011, and I just found out that this 2.5 billion dollar rover was Curiosity! It is about the size of a car, and has good cameras and equipment. They said it was going to be launched in late 2011, which is about the time it would need to get to Mars in August 2012, which was when it got onto Mars. It is a great rover right now, and is going to stay on Mars for a while. I think that this is interesting that the amazing legend rover Curiosity came it at 2.5 billion dollars for a cost! It is very



MER (Mars Exploration Rovers)

                You will like this paragraph. lets us know the update of MER. (Thank you to them!) Their update on the 10-year milestone was on the seventh of January of the year 2014. The lovely website is very informative about the update. The 10-year milestone that Opportunity gave us is AMAZING. It has been on Mars since 2004. It has been a great help to us in discovering Mars and mapping it out to prepare for the manned mission in 2020. Sadly Opportunity’s twin, Spirit, basically died in March 2010. He is “the little rover that could”. He is “near Home Plate in Gusev Crater, a monument to exploration.” They are such good rovers and will be remembered by the world.

        These astounding things that I will now tell you is the MER update on the third of March 2014. This really well written website:, told us about the amazing rover Opportunity. In February of 2014 it “roved into its 11th year of surface operations...” .That is a LONG time for a rover to be on Mars or any other planet! It’s amazing that Opportunity survived even though that it’s twin, Spirit, died in March of 2010. (Read above paragraph for more) Opportunity the space rover may be shut down it 2015 because of NASA’s budget, we’ll enjoy it while we can. Anyway, I think that this is cool because I am pretty sure that Opportunity is the longest surviving rover on Mars or on any other planet. I am also sad that he might be shut down in 2015, and the world will be sad, but we can be happy for Curiosity will still be there to send us pictures of Mars.

Thanks for reading my report! Just so you know, all the Klingons did was to turn their invisibility powers on and they went away. And then the Enterprise kept saving the universe. Live Long and Prosper.

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