May 21, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Home Automation

by Madi Green


Do you like home automation? Well if you do then listen closely while I tell you about it. You will learn about history.. For example, home automation first started being used in the 1800’s. You will also learn about the future, like soon you will be able to have different colored light bulbs..  Finally, you will read about interesting facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can turn the heat up in your house while you are driving!!

History says that in 1966 Jim Sutherland created a home automation system called ECHO IV., This was a private project and was never shown. Jim SUtherland worked for Westinghouse Electric when he did this project.



On Charlie White said that DoorBot is a new kind of door bell. When someone rings your doorbell, (DoorBot) it then sends an alert to your iphone, and you can see who is at your door, and if it is someone you don’t want to see then you don’t have to answer the door!! It would be really nice to have DoorBot because sometimes you are really busy, and you don’t have time to chat with people who come over!!

Interesting Facts

        Andrea Smith said in an article, that you can now control many things in your home using a smartphone app. AT&T is launching it’s digital life initiative. Kevin Peterson, the senior vice president of of AT&T Digital Life says that the system will make customers life easier.

        Lance Ulanoff wrote an article on how you will be able to mute your tv just by putting your fingers to your lips!!! Isn’t that amazing. This discovery was by PointGrab. You will also be able to turn on appliances just by pointing at them.

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