April 25, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch 6th

Space Rovers

by Sir Matt

        Hello and welcome to the world or outer space of space rovers.  This report is about well space rovers.  In this report you will really love to read about when the first space rover on mars.  For example, it was about not to long ago. Next, you will read about who started nasa, like the people that sent the first space shuttle to the moon fifty years ago.  Finally, you will read about what future rovers will belike. I’ll bet you didn’t know they are inventing a drivable car for the moon. That can go 20 miles without a recharge.

The First Space Rover on mars

        This out of this world tip is about the very first space rover ever to land on mars. According to wikipedia.org, the first ever spacecraft to make it to mars was the viking 1. It was the first out of 20 so that makes it very cool it was the very first. The name was also cool its  name was the viking 1 and vikings explored a lot everywhere. Now its exploring space. I think that is awesome.

Who Started Nasa

        My out of this world paragraph is  about the awesome people who started nasa. According to http://www.nasa.gov/, The people / person who started .  Well it actually was the government that decided to have a special group of smart people to start a big step into developing the future of space rovers and the many things they invented helped like space shuttles and rockets. Also making newer and better technology and furthering the science to outer space.        


The future of space rovers


I bet you would love to know about the future of rovers #super cool. According to www.space.com, So many future rovers are working on forwarding the no need for people as much. Now don't get me wrong they still will need help but with the new and improved robots it will be a lot safer for robots and more efficient .  Now this is awesome because the future of robots could not even need us any more.

The cost of a space rover (curiosity)


        I bet you would love to know about how much curiosity costs. According to http://amyshirateitel.com/ the single cost of  space rover curiosity is 2.5 billion dollars :0. I mean that is not even close to what i might get in my life earning money. This is insane it is also the cost to have 4,000 people have jobs. Pretty crazy.

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