2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Mroknight

        You walk into the kitchen, and hear a boom from the hall. As you jump back with fright, you stumble back onto your forearms. In your tiny body of a toddler, it is easy to get scared. as you crawl forward, a scary and creepy girl jumps out from the hall! You take off the headset, and quit the game. Wow! That was creepy! Luckily, it’s just a virtual reality video game.Have you ever seen someone cool play a virtual reality video game? Did ya know that virtual reality is expensive? We can help you get a whole virtual reality set for just FIVE DOLLARS! Just kidding...   Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s get you a free pass to sneak peak falls so you can get one on this report.  In this report you will read about History, and there you’ll obviously learn about the boring history. Next, you will read about more History (OH NO! MORE BORING!), like what games support it.  Finally, you will read about It’s Uses. I’ll bet you have never known that virtual reality has been used for the military, which you will learn about in the uses.

History - Rise of the Boring (For Some People)

        What the heck is Virtual Reality? Well, according to Wikipedia, Virtual Reality is a basically a Virtual Environment. It is at times used for gaming and military training, but we’ll learn about that later. Don’t you think this is pretty cool? It’s kind of like walking around inside your own IPad!

        Yeah, about the gaming, which games actually support it? According to Wikipedia, they don’t have every single one, but so far their list goes all the way up to 170! Wow! That’s a lot of games! This is pretty cool, because I think that’s more games that were made for a gameboy!

        Huh, so then, what types of game genres does it currently support? Once again, Wikipedia says that there are lots of Horror Survival games and First Person games. Wow, that makes me ask a question, what do you like better? Horror or first person? (Answer in Comments)

History - Revenge of the Past (Part 2)

        You want to buy it now, huh? Well, According to Ask.com, better save up, cause this baby costs…. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! $2000 Dollars! Meh, better wait until the price plummets down. This is really expensive to me.

        Hm, thinkin’ of savin’ up now? Wait! First you need to know which game stations it supports! According to Wikipedia, there will be Iphone support soon, but so far it only will support the PC/MAC. Huh, pretty cool, hey weren’t there some canceled supports for Oculus Rift? Oh, yeah, almost forgot, there are….

…..And here they are! According to my brain (because I figured it out and got some information from some pictures) and some stuff from wikipedia, the only known cancel to me was when minecraft was going to give oculus rift support along with a treadmill that would let you “move around” in the game. This is pretty SAD, because because of that i was actually going to suggest getting it, but now not so much. I still like minecraft though….. Huh, wonder why mojang canceled….

It’s Use - The Force of Virtual Reality (Star Wars Reference)

        What is it used for!? Well, according to Howstuffworks.com, it has uses from military training, entertainment, even scaring people! This is pretty cool, cause I just love to scare people….. Heh heh heh…..

        Are there any famous youtubers that use it? Actually according to my research from youtube, after watching various youtubers, the only one is BOO! Heh heh, just kidding. The only one that I could find is PewDiePie.  That’s pretty cool. Hey, did you know, PewDiePie is the most popular Youtuber with over 10 Million Subscribers? Yup, it’s true!

        What are the most popular uses of it? Well, according to Howstuffworks.com, the most popular use is gaming. Well, that was pretty obvious, but I just wanted to do it! Hmmm… I gotta get me an Oculus rift, that’d be pretty cool.


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