Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

                                        Wear the Watch

by Animals forever

        Crazy car chase! The only way for the cops to capture the criminal is their genius wearable technology.  This report is about wearable technology.  In this report you will read about its history.  For example, some different brands who have used wearable tech. Next, you will read about the variety, like how the different kinds of wearables vary.  Finally, you will read about extra info. I’ll bet you didn’t know that earrings can be wearable tech! Interested? Read on!

<This is a watch :D


        Whoever is the inventor? On wikipedia , it says Sony Ericsson worked with the London College of Fashion to creating the best piece of wearable tech for a contest. The winner of the contest was a dress that lighted up because of Bluetooth Technology. I’m not sure if there is a specific inventor. Some of the brands are Bluetooth, Twitter (With the help of Java), and others. I think this is cool because you can choose from many different kinds.

        <Lighted dress images result

This incredible invention needed development! According to wiki (Again), wearable tech has to do with the history and development of wearable computers, and ubiquitous computing, which I assume has to do with computers. The calculator watch was one of the first examples of wearable technology that is common. I think this is interesting because what seems so old isn’t that ancient. :D

<I am getting one when I’m older!!!!!

        Why wearables? Wikipedia announces, as I said before, it basically developed with the creation of wearable computers, which I assume was made so that you could bring your computer with you as a portable device. I think this is cool because I would hate carrying a computer around disneyland!

<I want it!!!!!!


        There are many brands. According to Wikipedia, there are many different brands (as I said before) like Bluetooth, Twitter with Java, many things like that. They each have their own pieces of technology with their brands. I think this is cool because you have more to choose from, rather than one thing.


        There are also many products. Written on Wikipedia, each of the companies have their own products (as expected). For example, a lady named Lila (I think it is, not sure) Fridman created Bluetooth earings out of a Bluetooth headset. I think things like this are awesome because you can be like some kind of spy agent!

I searched Bluetooth earrings on images and found this.

        There are so many kinds! According to Wikipedia, there are many different kinds of wearable tech, some of which I’ve already mentioned. However, I did not mention the Pocket Tweet made by Twitter, when they were using Java to do so. I think this is cool because a company can use another type of thing to make something awesome.



        They are great for fashion! Thanks to to CNBC, we know wearable technology is becoming very popular for women. For example, there is a purse that can help charge a smartphone! Who wouldn’t use that? I think this is cool because you can charge your phone when you’re on the road.


        Don’t let that guy use it! According to Linkedin, there are good and bad uses for wearable technology. Good: People can use it for helpful things to record stuff they might forget, things like that. Bad: Criminals can use it to record private information about another person. I think this is freaky because something open to the public makes the world a more dangerous place.

Don’t want a criminal to have this….

        They help elderly cross the street! Okay not really, but they are almost just as good. Wikipedia says they can be very helpful. For example, they can help you talk on the phone without crashing in the car. I think this is cool because it helps things like texting and driving.

This is cool as well.

Hope you  liked my biography!

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