may 21.14

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch 6th

Space Rovers

by: lil ice cream

         This report is about space rovers.  In this report you will read about the first space rover ever.  For example,the first space rover landed on mars during late november 1976. Next, you will read about why and how rovers get to mars, like rovers go to mars because to find life on mars.  Finally, you will read about all the things rovers have found on mars. I’ll bet you didn’t know that they found a dried place where a lake once was. BTW rovers are NOT dogs...DUH!!

The First Space Rover

        This paragraph is about the first space rover ever. According to the first space rover to land on mars was Viking One. Maybe because viking means a pirate that discovered most of a certain land. After Viking One, came Viking Two.

How And Why Rovers Go To Mars

        This paragraph is about how they go to mars. According to mars rover, They would put the rover in a little rocket and send it to mars. Then the people that work in the nasa, open the rover but a remote control. Finally the rover is ready to use.

        This paragraph is about why rovers go to mars. According to, Rovers go to Mars to find any sign of life. Or just to find if there ever was life on Mars.

What Rovers Have Found On Mars

        This paragraph is about the stuff rovers have found on Mars. According to, Rovers have found many things. For example they found more than one proof that there once  was a lake on mars. The proof shows dirt of a dried up lake.

Rovers have also found that many sand storms can also form on Mars. Another thing they have found is a acid dried up lake.  

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