Friday May 12, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Smartphone Geek

        Have you ever wanted to learn about smartphones? Well, this is your chance! This report is about smartphones.  In this report you will read about the history of smartphones.  For example, the first smartphone was called a Simon ( yeah I know, a normal persons name). Next, you will read about the big companies that make smartphones, like how much money Apple makes every day.  Finally, you will read about interesting facts about smartphones. I’ll bet you didn’t know what smartphones will be like in the future. But in this report, you will learn!


        This exciting tid-bit is about the first smartphone. According to, the information technology log, the first smartphone was the Simon. It was released in 1993. I can not believe that it was introduced in 1993, but now we have the coolest smartphones ever! Well, not really, we will probably have a lot cooler in the future! But all of these smartphones came to be because of that one smartphone, simon.

The Big Apple

        This paragraph is about how much money apple makes every day. According to, MacGateway, Apple makes about $436 million every day. That is about $5,000 a second! Hard to believe, huh? Think about what you could buy with all of that. It’s crazy! So many people in the world are struggling right now to get enough food, and one company has enough money to give everyone in the world about $15.00! I can not even begin to think about how much money apple must have!

        This paragraph is about why Apple’s iphones became so popular. According to,, apple is big because of how popular they are and their user friendly items. I mean, if had a phone you could not use, why have it? Apple has so many buyers that other people just come back because of their friends that have iphones. And people that get iphones a lot of times just go back for the nicest, newest products.


The Competition

        This paragraph is about how right now android (samsung) and apple are competing for number one. Jim Edwards says, apple is not as good. A lot of people think that apple is better and a lot of people think that android is better. Personally, I think that apple is better. I think that most of the people I know think that apple is more classy. But the competition is close. Who do you think is better, android or apple?

                These fun words are about how people who are rich have iphones. According to J. Angelo Racoma, wealthier people usually have iphones. That is pretty interesting, huh? They are also supposed to be better educated. That pretty much means that they are doing pretty well in life! All I know is that I want to get and iphone when I am older.

                This paragraph is about how iphones are thought as more stylish and elegant. According to SmashingHub, The iphone is one of the most elegant smartphone. That is really cool! People who have iphones are thought as stylish! Well that would be a pointer for having an iphone!



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