2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Rockin Rovers

by Padme Skywalker

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        Hi, I’m Padme Skywalker. You probably know me from Star Wars. You know how I’m the Queen of Naboo? Well that means don’t mess with me. Yeah, I’m just hanging with R2D2.Were pals. So, just telling I wrote a little report about SPACE ROVERS!  In this awesome, amazing report you will read about History.  For example, who invented the space rover. Next, you will read about what the rovers do, like if the rovers found anything interesting.  Finally, you will read about Features. I’ll bet you didn’t know when the first rover went to Mars. Don’t lose your socks.


        Who invented the space rovers you ask? From JPL, there were many people that helped with the making of the MER. (Mars Exploration Rovers) Let me just tell the most important ones though. John Callas was really in charge of EVERYTHING, and when I mean everything he was the project manager. Even, Larry Bryant had a really important job in the MER operation, so he was the Mission Operations Assurance Manager. It just makes me remember the movie “Gravity”. It makes me think of how many people the director need to make that movie. Probably 30-50 people. I think it’s really interesting about who helped with inventing the space rover.

Hey pretty boy. You want to get with this? To bad, now read! This is about how many plants the rover has been to. Because of Cornell University, I found out that the rover has actually haven’t been anywhere but Mars. Isn’t that interesting?! The rover was actually just for mars. You want to know why? Well, you don’t get to know for a few paragraphs. JK! Because it’s actually called the MER, the Mars Exploration Rover. That makes me think about the picture in a magazine that should the Mars Rover when it got back. It was really dirt and very out of shape. Probably because it’s been to planets because it’s a rover.

Did you know that rovers do anything more than going to planets. Since I worked with Wikipedia, I read that the rovers are sometimes called lunar or moon rovers. From those names you probably know what else it does. YOU BETTER OR YOU’RE WIERD! They are designed to move across the moon’s surface. That’s so interesting because I like of a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse is beautiful. That’s what rovers do otherwise.


You will be in a trace when you learn how long it takes to go to mars. Thanks to Universe Today, I found out it took different amounts for different years and people. The vikings took 335 and 360 days to get to mars. The MRO took 210 days. The PL took 295 days. The CL took 253 days. This reminds me of a astronaut’s videos that my 4th grade teacher showed my 4th grade class. Now I’m a Queen of Naboo, with two beautiful kids. Don’t take a piece of this cake. That’s how long it takes to go to Mars.

What The Rovers Do

        Guess what the rovers found on Mars? Giving credit to NASA Science, the rovers went to mars and found the things in the soil that humans need to survive. So, there could have actually have been intelligent life on Mars. That makes me think about if there actually was life on Mars, where did they go? Did they come to earth for better air? Who knows where they went. That’s what rover found that’s interesting.


Watch Star Wars then learn about how the rovers land. According to NASA, first you deploy it. Next, you enter the atmosphere it starts to get hot. Then, it keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter until it needs to use it heat shield. After it plops it off, and it deploys it’s parachute. Next, it uses a crane to drop it on the planet. That reminds me of a construction site. I always see cranes drop down objects. That’s how the rovers land.



        You will lose your sock when you read about when did the first rover went to Mars. Thanks to Cool Cosmos, the first rover landed in 1997. It was called the MPSR. (Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover) So, that reminds me of what it was like for the inventors when the first rover landed on Mars. That’s when the first rover landed.

        This paragraph is about how were the rovers made. According to Athena Mars Exploration Rovers, the rovers have a computer for a brain. Also, copper cables for nervous systems. Even batteries. That reminds me of when I saw a magazine for the rover safe return from Mars. That’s what the rover looks like.

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