2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Virtual Reality

by Puppy Lover 2,000

        VIRTUAL REALITY! Im in a field. Now I'm in a space ship. Now Im flying. AND NOW I’M IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! AH!!!! Anything can happen in virtual reality.  This report is about Virtual reality.  In this report you will read about History.  For example, when it was invented. Next, you will read about what it does, like how it works.  Finally, you will read about interesting facts. I’ll bet you didn’t know That there are really cool goggles you wear! Read my report on Virtual reality.


        Did you know that Virtual Reality was invented about 65 years ago!?. According to vrs.org, Virtual Reality was invented in the late 1980’s. I think that’s cool because its so advanced, yet it was made about 35 years ago! The person who invented it was Morton Heilig. In 1987 it was introduced to the world. Research was continued through the 1990’s and kept improving. Want to know a secret? It really was invented in mid 1950’s just made in the 1980’s. Morton Heilig built something called a Sensorama and kept improving. Eventually it was made into what we called to day “Virtual Reality”.

        Guess what? Virtual Reality was originally called the sensorama. This is what vrs.org says, the first Virtual Reality device was called the Sensorama. Morton Heilig made it. What would happen is that  whoever was using it would sit on a chair and face a screen. The screen would put on images and it would feel like you were really there. I think that even though it wasn’t as advance as today’s technology it still was pretty cool. It would also show different angles and you could move. This early invention was made in 1957, but not sold until 1962. That is the first technology of Virtual Reality.

        Guess how famous it was and it came to be. Sensorama3d.com says, the sensorama was the first, but it wasn’t to famous because of the price. The price was 1,500,000 dollars. Barely anyone even knew what it was! So of course no one bought it. But when people did start hearing about it, they thought it was really cool. Now quite a few people own virtual reality devices. More like quite a few 1000 people! Virtual reality is pretty famous.

What it does

        Do you want to know what happens when you put the goggles on?  www.npr.org says that it allows you to really live an experience. It basically lets you see anything. Like aliens, zombies, cows, bugs, and, well, ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!!!!! I think it is so cool! Want to see a cat, even though its not there, use Virtual Reality goggles. Thats what happens!

        This paragraph is about what the gloves do. According to http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/other-gadgets/VR-gear4.htm, they are wired inside. You can interact with things that aren't really there! They have been there from the very beginning! Expect the people who invented it didn’t intend it to be there, but it was so cool! They make you be able to feel anything you want! I think this is so cool cause you could feel something really hot but you wouldn't burn! Those are the gloves.

        This paragraph is about what you can see and feel. This is what http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_reality says. You basically can see anything. From a pretty pink cotton candy field, to a black hole of darkness. Anything you want you can see or feel. You can feel anything too! From lambs fur, to hot boiling lava. Anything is possible with virtual reality!

Interesting facts

        There are some really cool designs of goggles for Virtual Reality. According to Google.com, There are many different types of goggles and headsets. There are many different looks, and designs. Some look like real glasses and others look like big blocks around you head. Did you know the first Virtual Reality didn't even have goggle!? Thats cool!

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