2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

“Wearables” Old And New

by Captain Falcon


Do you know what “wearables” are? Well, I’ll explain more later, but first, did you know your underwear is considered “wearables”  In this report you will read about wearables old and new.  For example, the first recorded mention of eyeglasses. Next you will read about the future.  Finally, you will read about other wearable technologies. I’ll bet you didn’t know your google now on your wrist can track your last walking/driving habits and tell you where to go.

The Wearable Around Us


Wearables are everywhere around us. According to Bradley Rhodes, the first recorded mention of eyeglasses is in 1268. Wearables are anything that is man-made that you wear, or technology that you wear. Therefore, even your underwear is considered a wearable. You could name tons of things that are considered wearables, as long as they’re technology and you wear them.

        The future is upon us. confirmed by the sources cited, there are lots of wearables. In fact, there is a cast that is printed by a 3-D printer that you can wear. I think that’s just awesome because it is probably very comfortable and it helps keep your bones safe while your bones heal.

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