Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th grade)


by Yr mom’s Grandma


        Have you ever fantasized about a printer that can print out a wrench, a shoe, glasses, or anything you can imagine? Well your dreams/fantasies have come true.  This report is about 3D printers.  In this report you will read about what 3D printers can do and print.  For example, a 3D printer can print human body parts. Next, you will read about how to buy one and where to buy one,  did you know that the cheapest 3D printer is about $300.  Finally, you will read about the interesting facts  . I’ll bet you didn’t know that Nike uses 3D printers to costumize shoes for their costumers.

What can they print? What can they do?

        This paragraph is about some of the things a 3D printer can print. Anthony Atala sais the printers can print human kidneys. These help people live and be healthy. On a website called Ted, it has a video of Anthony printing a kidney, once it is finshed he picks it up and shows the audience. EEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!! It is gross, but is absolutely amazing! I am glad that these printers can save lives and help people be happy and normal! I think it is absolutely crazy, but I bet it is way expensive!

This paragraph is about how 3D printers can hurt people. According to Carrie Johnson, The 3D printer can print out guns.They can be made of metal if you use a certain type of ingredients. Some other people can now print drugs and medicine. That can hurt and kill people. It can ruin the earth. That is bad!  Some people can even print out plastic and things that can contaminate our planet. That is awfull! A 3D printer can be bad


If I were to buy one.

        Do you know about how much money a 3D printer cost? Well according to Amazon the cheapest 3D printer there is, costs $377.00. The most expensive one is $1,299.00. That is quite a lot of money! But, according to the cheapest one is $300.00. Now that one is pretty cheap! I would buy that one!

Where could I buy one?

        If you wonder where you could buy one you are looking in the right place! And if you are wondering what stores or companies sell them? Well I will tell you! You can buy a 3D printer on Amazon. If you read the last paragraph then you can figure out how much they cost. There are other places you can buy them. There is a company called MakerBot. They sell them used and new for really good prices. Those are the places you could buy one.

Interesting Facts

        Here is the place where you can look for interesting facts. Well what are some? If you are wondering how many people own a 3D printer I will tell you! According to RepRage, Currently, 2929 people own a 3D printer! Well lets look at what other companys have calculated! According to, 3512 printers exist. That makes much sense. Cool!

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