April 25

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

The Smartphone

By: Shirley Figglehorn

It is bigger, it is better, it is the best! Do you want to know what it is? Okay, I will tell you! It is the bestest thing ever! You won’t believe it! Now I will tell you! It is the smartphone!!! It is amazing! It really is. It is like everything you need in a tiny little phone! I love the smartphone! #smartphonesrule GO SMARTPHONES!!!!! I will tell you about the history of the smartphone! It might sound boring, but it is not! You can know if smartphones are safe for children! Then you will learn interesting, cool things about the smartphone.

The History of the Smartphone

        Haven’t you ever wondered who created the first smartphone? Qrcodescanning says, It really wasn’t created by one person. It was really created by two companies! There names are IBM and Southbell. They worked together to create this amazing invention! That is so cool! Now you know who made the first smartphone.

        Do you know when the first smartphone was created? According to qrcodescanning, it was created in 1993. It isn’t that long a go! My parents were born before it was even created! They didn’t even have them when they were kids! That is totally crazy! Now you know when the first smartphone was created.

Good and Bad things about the smartphone

Have you ever wondered how you can make the smartphone safe for you According to ngmobilefamily, there is ways to make technology safe for children. I think little kids having phones is not good. They get addicted to it. Then they can see, hear, or read bad things. However there are things to make it better. In conclusion, smartphones should wait.

Interesting facts about the Smartphone

        You better be careful, because smartphones are taking over our life. Erica Swallow says, teenagers use their phones more than adults. Most teenagers have phones. Teens are addicted to smartphones and watch tv and read less then they are on their smartphones. Isn’t that crazy! That is sort of sad though, just think all teens do is stuff on their phones. They won’t grow up to have a good education. They they won’t get a job that is good, and that pays well.  That is how smartphones are taking over our life.

        Do you know how the smartphone is getting more popular. According to OZGUR, It is getting popular and popular. It is impacting all of the world. It is getting more popular to people all over the world. Isn’t that crazy how much it has grown? I would rather have a smartphone then a computer. They used to not be very popular, but now they are. That is how the smartphone has gotten smarter.

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