2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Virtual Reality

by Pikachu

          What happens when you mix a pie with a horse. This report is about VR which also stands for Virtual Reality.  In this report you will read about Who invented the Omni and Oculus Rift.  Next, you will read about John Carmack and how he helped the oculus rift.  I’ll bet you didn’t know you can actually have a virtual reality smart phone.

Who Invented the Oculus and Omni

        This is the paragraph where you find out about who invented the oculus rift. According to, Palmer Luckey invented the oculus rift. He is 21 yrs old now and just sold his company to facebook for 2 BILLION DOLLARS! How did this all come to be it was when he dropped out of college and started working on it in his garage, and now he is filthy rich.


This paragraph is about John Carmack helping  Oculus Rift. says that video game legend John Carmack is now helping Oculus Rift. But ZeniMax media is saying that the headset has ZeniMax property inside. Since Mr. Carmack supports ZeniMax it is hard to know if facebook would have taken them on the offer.


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