April 25, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

The Wearable Tech

by Wearablovetech


        Hey!  Want to make your life easier?.  This report is about wearables.  In this report you will read about Who invented them.  For example, Steve Mann had the idea of wearables. Next, you will read about how many have been sold, like how much was sold in what year.  Finally, you will read about what will wearables bring to us in the future. I’ll bet you didn’t know how much trouble the have already caused.

Who invented wearables? And When?

        Hey! Do you know when wearables were made? According to Wikipedia, Wearables were invented initially in the 1970’s but the idea went back much farther than that!  Some of the early ideas were crazy, like an abacus on a necklace! I think that is weird because I had no idea they were invented that way.

Who invented the wearable computer. According to Wikipedia, Steve Mann invented the wearable computer in the late 1900’s.  He was a professor at the University of Toronto. I think that is startling because I did not think the wearables were invented back then!


Why was the wearable invented?. According to Wikipedia, Nobody really knows why. But they think it was invented purely for convenience. I think that makes sense because wearables seem to just be there.

What are wearables used for?

  What does wearable glass do? According to Wikipedia, You use Google Glass for anything you would use your phone for. Or your computer. I think that is funny because why aren’t we satisfied with the phone?

 What do fitness bands do? According to Wikipedia, fitness bands are used to track your activities during the day. It also records them. Well, that’s pretty awesome, I mean, It’s a wrist band!

  What other things can wearables do? According to Wikipedia, Wearables can tell you the time, track your steps, take videos, and much more. Too many to count. I think that is great because it can make your life easier.


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