2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (6th)

Drones and UAVs


        Hey, there are some really cool things about drones that you might want to know. I will only tell about them if read on. As you may already know my report is one drones.  In this report you will read about the parrot ar drone.  For example, that drone is controlled by iphones and ipads etc. Next, you will read about how small they can be, like the smallest drone is smaller than a penny and is thinner than a twig.  Finally, you will read about who invented it. I’ll bet you didn’t know… well i will tell you if you read on.

Parrot AR Drone.

        I think I might tell you about the Parrot AR drone. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, this drone is controlled by an ipod or iphone etc. It is an accessory for apple products. It uses certain controls to take off and move around. It can go in any direction that you tell it to. It can be difficult to use if you don’t have very much practice. It is being sold for around $300.00. Also on Amazon it has free shipping.

How small can they get?

        There is this really cool drone that is smaller and thinner than a penny. According to www.dvice.com, this drone is called the Robobee. It is so far the smallest drone. I’m pretty sure that they are figuring out a smaller drone. I wonder how small it will be if they make one. It will have to be extremely small.

        What the Robobee can do is really cool. I already told you what the robobee is. According to inhabitat.com, it will actually pollinate fields. This is supposed to be a substitute for bees. That is really weird.

Father of drones

I’m going to tell you about Abe Karem. According to www.economist.com he invented the first drone. I think he is pretty boss. It was actually pretty ghetto. It wasn’t fancy at all. But it was a drone and thats why I’m telling you about him. He was cool.

I will tell you when the first drone was made. It wasn’t made small and out of high-tech metal. It was quite weird looking.

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