May 12, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Jimmy Timmy Junior

Hello world we are going to talk about drones the first flying vehicle to ever fly this world without your pilot. so come come come and read read about this report because this will be a very good one.

How drones fly

        This very first paragraph will be about how drones fly. According to NOVA, drones fly with a remote control controller kinda it’s like a computer with a bunch of buttons and sticks that you use. Well that’s for army drone’s. So thats really all you use to fly a drone. I think that is cool cause it is the first fly vehicle without a pilot inside.


This second paragraph will be about  how the awesome normal drones fly. According to NOVA, a normal drone flies by a remote control so it’s like a helicopter but not it’s just cooler it has a camera a camera in the remote controller so you can see what it is looking at. And they can go high up. I think that is cool cause they can have a camera inside the remote.

How drones work

    This very last paragraph is about how drones work. According to wikipedia, drones work kinda with the remote or computers they press a button and it sends the drone what to do. with other planes or jets you need a pilot. I think that’s cool cause you can fly without a pilot.


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