April 28 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


Boy: youareugly

        Oh yeah lets take  This report about the IPAD to the next level.  Everything is so cool! You’ll learn so many cool things Enjoy!

How it helps today

First Let me take a selfie with an ipad.  So yeah this is how they are made. So like Business insider says, Foxconn is located in Shenzhen, China. Most of ist’s 250,000 workers have come to only make 14$ a day to put together apple products. Hundreds of workers line up outside, hoping for work. Foxconn is known as one of the best factories in china and They pay their workers on time. every morning a supervisor tells them what they will be doing in the assembly line that day. They first step is putting together the motherboard. MAchines help in the process. Slowly more and most parts are added carefully. Next they go through some tests to see if they are good. Next if the screen. Next the plastic covering. Then they’re boxed up and shipped out the door.

So yeah thats how ya make an ipad! :

the ipad helps a man do his job.!!!!!!!!!!!!According to SOURCE, in  his winery from the tanks of wine to even the tasting room, Palmaz uses his ipad everyday to ease the efforts  of his famous winemaking. before even 1 of his grapes is picked he uses his ipad to manage his 600-acre vineyard. He uses it to find the levels of leaf hydration, soil hydration, and nutrient profiles. He also uses an app called TOPO MAPS on his ipad to measure down to a second of daylight each plant gets per day. Palmaz says “Together, this data gives us an accurate picture of the whole vineyard, allowing us to make informed decisions about how to tend our         vines. The data helps us get better fruit.”

I think palmaz is a genius to use an ipad this way.

An ipad isn’t just to be used for games. it can also be used to help you with everyday tasks.

Palmaz hasn’t only used the technology to help him in his vineyard, He has also used it to help him dramatically in the winery. The fermentation process used to be  such pain. Testers would have constantly to go back and forth to draw and test samples of wine. Once palmaz found out all the wonders of the ipad he worked with an engineer to develop an app that can really ease his efforts. Now testers can use their time tasting and making adjustments. Palmaz says he could have never done anything better.

“The quality of the wine we produce today is dramatically better because of the powerful information iPad puts at our fingertips.”

        This paragraph is about The  inventor. According to GOogle, Steve jobs made the ipad. when it first came out it was a big sensation.  I think this is cool that he could come up with such an amazing idea. go steve jobs.


#Thisparagraphisabout how many ipads have been sold. According to appleinsider, 170M ipads have been sold. Like crazy right? And not even a third of the US population have an ipad. Wow and this other guy named Lance whitney  says by 2016 1 third of the population of the us (adults) will have an ipad! There is even a sort of giant ipad in the Jfk airport in NYC! so yeah ipads are boss!



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