2014 Technology Reports



                                                                         By:dog lover            

         You are at the store ready to buy a wearable technology so many to choose from. You really want one but you don't know which one to get. Well you are in the right place I will tell you about wearable technology.I will tell you the good things and the bad things about wearable technology.

How good is google glass

        google glass. According to my first 100 days with google glass, it can take pictures or search the web or send emails or do many many more. It has a touch pad on the left of the glasses where you can control.I think it is really cool but dangerous. It has it good and bad benefits.Like good search the web bad can look at bad pictures. I think it will improve over time.


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To make a google glass it costs $150. I think that is cheap to make google glasses. Because it usually cost a lot to make technology. I thought that it would cost more than a 1,000. Or at least 900. But when it gets better will it cost more to buy it because it will cost more than it use too.Well maybe that  will happen or will not.

        smart watch. sony, it says that the smart watch can do many things.It can a digital or a actolog watch. You can get a strap for it which can come in many different colors.When someone calls or text or a notification it acts like a phone. The smartwatch has three different levels of touch. I think it is really cool. Someone can call you so its like a phone except on your wrist because it can text and get notifications.good thing it can do a lot of things. But bad it has low battery.


        the smart ring. According to wearable ring for gesture control, it says that the smart ring can do many things. Like text, pay bills, and control house appliances. I think it is really cool because it can do many things but it is just a ring. I think it will get better in the future. Like mabey get bigger or smaller.good fun bad moutfuntion