Friday, March 25, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)


by Da man

        BOOM BANG.  This report is about if drones are good or if they are bad.  In this report you will read about how are drones are good.  For example, people are using drones to build giant buildings. Next, you will read about how they are bad, like they just blow up stuff in the war.  Finally, you will read about how people use them. I’ll bet you didn’t know people use them to steal stuff.

Drones are Good

Drones are used in a good way good. This website Mail Online, people are using drones to make a skyscraper that can home more than 30,000 people. Drones can build things that humans can’t. It could revolutionise homes and hotels! Wow! We could live right next to our friends and play in a skyscraper        

Drones are being used to ship things.  This website Global News Amazon is now using drones to ship things. They actually pick up the box, fly it to the house, and leave it on the doorstep, and just go. That is so cool, because now we don’t have to wait for the mail truck that is stuck in traffic.        

Drones are helping in Afghanistan. According to The Nation, During the night in 2002, drones were sent out and blew up the enemy base. That is really cool because drones helped out in the war.

Drones are Bad

        Drones are bad. According to Global News, Drones can be used to watch people. No one would get their privacy. People would have to lock the windows, and cloths the curtains. That is sad, because no one can get the privacy they deserve.

        Drones are bad in war. Global News says Instead of going down there and attacking terrorist, they just blow up the area. That is no fair to the people who live there. People die because they blow up that area. That is sad, that people are losing their home because there is one terrorist are in the city, so they just blow it away.

People say that drones are the real terrorist. According to Global News, drones are made to keep America safe, but they are really the real terrorist. They blow up things and destroying cities.  That is sad, because America is building terrorist and not knowing.

How drones are used

        How they are used to build.  Mail Online says, drones are picking up a hollow rectangle the size of a hotel room and stacking them up to build floors. That is really cool, because people can build giant things with a remote and a drone.

Drones are helping in the war. According to Mail Online, drones are helping in the war by recovering lost men in the war. That is really awesome, because robots are helping lost men in the war, find their way home.

        Drones helping police. Mail Online says drones are finding criminals by their body heat and motion when they are hiding near by. That is really cool. It seems like the drones are the real cops (RoboCop).

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